We needed to replace them, but it worked out

I recently started undoubtedly working as a house inspector in the downtown area of our city. My first few works were undoubtedly abrupt plus extremely surprising because I did not guess what to expect when I arrived at the job. I remember inspecting one house in particular, because as soon as I arrived, I knew the air filters plus stuff job looked horrible. The homeowner I was consulting with tried to tell me that the air filter was changed only within the last week. The homeowner also tried to tell me to my face that the air duct had recently been cleaned plus sanitized by our local HVAC dealer. I knew that neither one of those things were the case after I detached the air filter plus saw all of the dust plus pet hair lingering inside. I did not see any cats in the home, however it was clear that at some point years ago there were many creatures inside of the home. The air filter was beyond covered in dust, pet hair, plus a stank of stale cigarette smoke. I decided to check on the air duct. I went ahead and used a long camera on the end of a flexible stick. It allows me to easily see inside of the air duct undoubtedly easily. I did not have any ongoing concern seeing the interior of the ductwork, however that homeowner still tried to argue with me that I was wrong about the concerns. She tried to convince me that clearly they did not clean any areas inside of the air duct. If she was telling the truth, well, I’m sorry to hear that. She paid a lot of currency for a repair that was never given.

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