The dollar store sells air filters now

I was so blissful when I walked into the local dollar store the other week and I found out that they finally had some air filters for air cleaners! I had been hoping for some time that they would have some kind of nice air filters for air cleaners at the dollar store.

Well, now they finally do! These things work pretty well also.

Of course they are not as long lasting as pricey HEPA air filters are, but these discounted air filters for air cleaners are pretty decently made. They can keep our whole home air purification system working well, and they clean out the germs, bacteria as well as other nasty things in the air.throughout our house. The dollar store was getting quite a few inquiries about when they were going to get some kind of air filters for the air cleaners. Lots of people in the area that I live in have media air cleaners of all kinds. That’s because of the poor air quality around here. And with the fact that there have been a lot of viruses in the air as of late, most people really want an air purification system, a UV media air cleaner or even a few portable air cleaners in their homes just to feel like they are being safe. That way, even if they don’t entirely recognize they have terrible air quality, they just want to go through the motions of having it. And having cheaper air filters for these types of air cleaners at locations such as dollar stores makes it so much easier to buy them!

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