No AC in the whole country

I like going on trips that are very different from where I live.

  • Being in the south I am used to warm, almost tropical weather.

So when I go on vacation I like to go to colder countries with wide open landscapes. The most recent place I went to never gets temperatures higher than 60 degrees. Due to this, the whole country doesn’t have any air conditioning. The country is also an island and everything is shipped overseas to them. So that means there are people there who have never experienced cooling before. The grocery stores, hotels and restaurants are always blasting heating. Even during their cool summer season there is just slightly less heating. The rental car I used only had heating in it. You could have high heating or low heating, that was it. What was even more surprising was that even the gyms didn’t have AC. I thought I was going to die with heat blasting on me while working out. I don’t understand how the people can stand it. I would be outside in the freezing wind and cold for hours on end. Then once I was indoors I had to rip off layer after layer due to the heating. It honestly reminded me of going to the theater or grocery store here where we blast cooling. This country instead blasted heating all the time. There were certain times where a little AC would have been appreciated. How weird that some people in the world don’t ever have a need for air conditioning. Well, there are places that probably have never owned a heater.


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