Making the most out of life

In order to enjoy life to the fullest it is important to find some ways to get the most out of your everyday life.

As people start to get older it is easy to start getting complacent in life and fall into a rut. One of and most likely the biggest ways I have been able to avoid falling into this rut is by finding a career that I am extremely passionate about. This has helped me push through on days where I didn’t feel like doing much but there are still some moments where I am still feeling overburdened and frustrated. For the past twenty years or so I have had the pleasure of working full time as a certified HVAC technician and I have loved just about a second of it. While I am at work I am happy to be there, and when I come home to see the wife and kids I don’t feel the burden of the stress from the workday on my shoulders. Having a healthy work and life balance is something that I think is extremely important, and fortunately so does my employer. This year upper management has decided to implement some things to scale back on the amount of work that each HVAC tech has to do on a daily basis in order for us all to enjoy life more during these crazy times that we are living in. Now that we are doing this I have started taking on less clients on a per week basis, which has opened up my schedule and allowed me to spend more time with my family and friends. I will always love working at my job as an HVAC tech, and being able to have a more flexible schedule with more time off is the reason I will work here for as long as possible.


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