It’s amazing to be able to depend on somebody

Back when I married my partner roughly ten years ago I knew that I was making the best move of my life to date.

To this day my dad jokes with me about how I outkicked my coverage with her.

I couldn’t agree with him more, but from the first time that we met I could tell from the beginning that she was way smarter than me, much funnier than me, and was also a much better problem solver! All of her amazing quirks have undoubtedly proven to help me out as both of us have grown older together. To be entirely even-handed with you I am not really sure what I would do without her. Just the other day while I was toiling from my household in my office and I heard a loud banging sound coming from what sounded like the a/c device! Instead of calling a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C device professional like the majority of other people would do, I just ended up calling my partner. After telling her the concerns that I was having with the a/c component my partner made her way back to the household from the store and quickly got to work on the broken down a/c device. According to her it turned out to be something that is seriously challenging to fix. Thanks to how nice she is at being a problem solver it only took a few minutes for the A/C device to run like normal. I absolutely am not sure what I would do without this amazing woman, even though I sure am thankful that I do have her in my life!

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