Get set up now and don’t worry later

It has always been my dream to open a cake shop plus that dream is coming true.

I bought a small building right over on the outside of the village plus my wife plus I spent a full year carefully renovating the place.

The people I was with and I ended up spending a super small amount of currency on the building plus the property, however after that… unfortunately the two of us paid a steep price for the contractor. The handful of people I was with and I had to hire a building contractor for the project because some of the improvements were too hard for my wife plus I to confidently complete on our own. The building contractor plus the inspector first proposed that the two of us remove plus replace all of the old, degrading air duct inside of the building. That was almost $20,000, however I am blissful that the two of us decided to go ahead and complete that project. After seeing the old air duct filled with dirt, tons of dust, plus hair, the two of us knew the decision was solid. Then, since the two of us replaced all of the air duct, the two of us also figured it made sense and replaced the entire Heating plus Air Conditioning system. The wonderful people I was with and I decided to choose a 5 ton, completely eco friendly A/C unit plus a heat pump system. There are multiple seasons of nasty weather in this area, however Wintertide is always mild without any snow on the ground. This makes the heat pump a wonderful option for our small family site! My wife plus I completed all of the renovations a few weeks ago plus I cannot wait to put them to the test.


Heating system