Experiencing heated flooring on vacation

When I go on vacation, I like traveling all over in a particular country.

I usually pick one area to set up camp for a few days though.

In that area I always splurge for the big hotel. I think it is nice to have a good hotel room and be pampered a bit. The most recent hotel that I stayed at was amazing. I felt like I didn’t belong. First, the elevators were not the typical button kinds. They automatically knew your floor by your keycard, no touching was required. Second, the lights in my hotel room were voice operated which took me way too long to figure out. Third, the heating system was heated flooring! That actually required me calling down to the front desk to figure it out. I was looking for a giant dial thermostat to up the heating in my room. I then found what looked like an iphone on the wall and saw it controlled something. I messed around with it for an hour before finally giving up. The front desk told me I had to download the app and could control my heated flooring system from my iphone. All the heating came from below. The radiant heat was super amazing too. It felt like I was sitting on heated chairs and laying on a heated mattress due to it. It was really nice in the morning, taking a shower and walking on the warm tile. After being in that hotel, I really want radiant flooring in my home. I liked that it was silent, but powerful.

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