I had to stop our neighbor when I saw what he was doing

The other afternoon when I was out watering our grass, I heard this shouting plus banging at our next door neighbor’s home; I looked over the fence plus saw the man kicking his A/C condenser unit plus shouting at it.

  • I shouted over at him plus told him to please stop.

I asked him what was going on plus he said the stupid thing wasn’t toiling the way it should. I asked him if he had any method how much it costs to replace those A/C condenser units. He wasn’t sure plus when I told him, he particularly felt terrible for kicking the machinery. I came over to offer him some help, and luckily, there wasn’t too much destruction to the A/C condenser unit! Just by looking at the A/C condenser unit, I knew it just had to be cleaned out particularly well. I pointed out how all the fin coils were clogged up plus the fan blades were particularly dirty; There were a bunch of leaves plus debris inside the A/C condenser unit, so I showed our neighbor how to scrub everything out. I showed him where he was able to pull the power for the unit, plus after that I showed him how to carefully scrub the blades. I told him he didn’t want to bend the blades or he would have to purchase current fan blades! All of us got all the debris out plus then carefully sprayed the fin coils from the inside going out. I even had a fin coil brush so the people I was with and I could straighten any fin coils that were not straight, and when the people I was with and I were done, the thing looked scrub plus good. When he went to turn the A/C back on, it was toiling perfectly. He thanked me for saving him from destroying his A/C component.