My parents stole the undefined from our room

I cannot suppose that our parents stole the from our room.

I paid for that with our own cash, plus that means that the was absolutely mine.

However, since I know our parents, I am absolutely not surprised that they stole the from me. That is just the type of people that they are. Before I bought our , the people I was with and I only had more than one window s in the house. The people I was with and I had on window in the residing room. That window was the first one, plus it was the best one. Since I didn’t care about going outside often, that window kept me cool while inside. I enjoyed that window The minute window that the people I was with and I bought was the window that used to kneel in our parent’s dining room… Obviously, I did not expect them to let me have the minute , even though I was surprised when they told me that if I wanted an in our room, I would have to spend money for the myself. Well, I worked strenuous plus earned enough cash to buy the window for our room. I enjoyed that window , plus because of that , I hardly ever left our room. However, one day, the broke in our parent’s room. They didn’t have enough cash to buy a new one, plus they wouldn’t be able to buy one for a few weeks. Instead of waiting, they waited until I was at school plus took the out of our room. I was outraged, but there was nothing that I could do about it.



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