The current UV air cleaner should keep people healthy at the bar

I have a wonderful friend who is a bartender… Unfortunately with the lockdown, the bars were closed because they were not considered to be essential businesses; Luckily, everybody was still able to go to the liquor store as well as also pick up beer, but we haven’t been able to hang out at the bar in what seems care about forever.

Finally, things have opened back up as well as I was entirely happy to hear about the changes at the bar.

First of all, our friend was telling me about how they got this entirely nice UV air cleaner installed. He explained that the UV air cleaner would help destroy harmful germs including the virus that has been spreading around. He said that it would make the bar much safer for all the people going there for drinks as well as playing pool. Unfortunately, we would all have to wear our masks as well as keep social distancing to a satisfactory extent, but at least we were able to go back to the bar! I suppose the wearing mask thing is ridiculous, especially when you are trying to eat as well as drink, but I’m cheerful that the bar has opened back up. I entirely just hope that the UV air cleaner works as wonderful as our friend says, so far the air quality has improved a wonderful deal as well as I feel care about nobody is getting sick. I also hope that this pandemic doesn’t have another wave as well as cause everything to shut down again. The first shutdown was exhausting enough, I don’t suppose we could survive another lockdown.
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