Cheap air filters almost ruined my heating and cooling system.

I never entirely believed in psychics or anything supernatural, although I was impressed a little while ago when our neighbor and I went in to see a psychic at the fair.

I thought it was stupid however he said that it would be fun, so we talked to this psychic.

He was really disappointed with his reading, and he was saying how that reading really could have been for anybody and it wouldn’t make a difference anyways. My own reading on the other hand was more of a warning. This lady was telling me that our heating and cooling system was in trouble. She said that I had been using cheap air filters so because of that, the heating and cooling system was inevitably going to break down. I thought our neighbor had to have told her this information because I didn’t know how she could have known about the cheap air filters I was using. She said that I needed to get a hold of the HVAC company to have everything fixed or I was going to have to replace the entire heating and cooling system when it would inevitably split down. This bothered me so I decided to listen to what she said and so I called the HVAC company. When the HVAC specialist was there, he was really getting on my case for using the cheap air filters. He said I needed to use HEPA air filters so I made that change. He also said that it was a wonderful thing I called him out because our heating and cooling system was in rough shape and certainly could have overheated if I waited any longer. I asked what would have happened if I waited, and he told me that I could have developed a crack in the heat exchanger, and if that happened, then I would have had to buy a whole new heating and cooling system.


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