Working out with guys means working mainly arms

My family is very physical.

We all workout and switch up the focus of our exercises weekly.

At least once per week, the group of us get together for a strenuous workout as a family. We set up stations for circuit style training and rotate through them. A main focus of the workout is always kickboxing related. A station typically involves hitting the heavy bag and another is often hitting the speed bag. Two of us will partner up and take turns holding pads for each other. I am the only girl in our group and also the youngest. In some ways that is helpful and in others it’s a drawback. The boys really like to focus on the upper body. Most of the workout tends to be punching, hooks, upper cuts and push ups. The stations are dedicated to 90% arms while the other ten percent is abs and legs. Women are more lower body oriented. So I work on all the things I am not so good at and that is helpful. The downside is that I am usually the worst one at the exercises. I can’t hit as hard as the boys or manage as many push ups. The little bit of time I shine is when I’m at the single leg station. I can squat so deeper, longer and for more reps than any of them. Their ideas of leg workouts are just pitiful. They all moan and groan about the leg drills. One of these days, we should try 90% leg work and just 10% on arms. I can’t regularly commit to a workout program that is not part of my fitness goals.


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