Time to recycle it

I just dislike to see how much of use and toss it society it seems as though every one of us have become.

It just turns our stomach to see people will regularly simply discard something because it might need a slight repair.

Or they go off junking whole machines because one small area doesn’t do the job as it used to. It seems that if it isn’t new, then it doesn’t count. I really could not be more opposed to that way of thinking. Understanding personally that every one of us all love convenience is one thing however just trashing the poor living planet to get it makes no sense to myself and others at all. My stance can be further illuminated by how it went down with our HVAC. The wonderful people I was with and I purchased this lake house and put in a new HVAC system when we settled down. That was 23 years ago. My husband and I invested in quality HVAC components at the time and then invested in making sure that it lasted. Finally, years later, every one of us saw the signs that the HVAC was in need of upgrading. The people I was with and I did our due diligence right away and met with an HVAC contractor. The people I was with and I were able to tell him what every one of us idealized and he was able to drill down to the unusual aspects of the HVAC components on the market. However, most importantly, not only did the HVAC contractor assure myself and others that the cooling system would be respected… but it would be totally recycled, and he put it in writing.


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