Taking HVAC business online

I have a very small HVAC business located in a very small town.

  • Because my HVAC company is located in such a small town, almost everyone knows each other, and I have many regulars.

The only problem is that my HVAC supplier is very little known, which makes getting more customers can be difficult. I really wanted to reach out to more customers, and it seems like advertisements haven’t been working, so my next best move is taking my HVAC corporation online. I contacted a website designer and she helped me build the best looking HVAC website I could ask for. I am hoping that my website will help make my company a little more well known, and I can start getting more business. It wasn’t until after a few months or so that I started seeing results, it started very slow with only getting a few extra people a month, but eventually I started more people coming in. To help spread the message about my website, I started offering discounts and that’s when I really started to get a lot of people. I offered discounts on most of my services, from heater and a/c repair, to air conditioning purchase and installation. Now every month I am getting more customers, and I have more customers than ever before! I am amazed at how fast the word spreads, as it seems like the customers that I served would tell their families and then I would have their relatives coming in as well. I am so glad that I made the heating and cooling website, because now my HVAC business is booming.


Air conditioning expert