Switching from the gym to working out at home

For years I was the type of girl who would pay for a gym membership, pack a bag and head for a workout every day.

  • Going to the gym can be really beneficial because there is access to all different types of machines and equipment.

I was able to try out rowing machines, ellipticals, stationary bikes and various sized hand weights. Plus, there’s a yoga studio that offers classes. I didn’t need to own any of the equipment. The locker rooms were always clean with plenty of hot water and pressure in the shower. I appreciated the gym for a long time. I have since let my membership lapse due to time and convenience. I needed to factor in the drive time to and from the gym and showering after the workout. Because of this, an hour long workout turned into a big part of my day. I have now set aside a space in the house for a training center. I bought several fitness machines. I now have a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, weight bench and lots of weights. I also invested into a jump rope, folding mats and wobble board. I switch up what I do everyday. I have the convenience of working out right from the comfort of my own home. It is helpful that I can decide the exact moment I want to workout. I don’t need to change my clothes, pack everything or feel rushed. I can also workout in my underwear on hot days or in the middle of the night. I blast my music and don’t bother anyone. I miss having the ability to hire a personal trainer. I am pretty good at taking care of my own fitness.


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