Making the effort to get healthy

Since turning 50, I have taken my health and wellness more seriously.

  • I led an unhealthy lifestyle for too long and I was worried there was no way to improve.

Due to some outside assistance, I feel the best I have in years. I started by quitting smoking and giving up alcohol. Then I started working out for the first time in years. I signed up with a personal training center in the local area who offers group physical training and semi-private fitness classes. I do a combination of both. I really like working with a group severely mornings a week. I then take a personal training session that is one on one. These sessions focus on cardio, stretching and some intensive weightlifting. The individualized sessions are great for those weak areas and help to target my personal goals. I have learned how to fall and safely catch my own body weight without getting hurt. I also have learned some methods to tone arms, abs and leg muscles. Another aspect of the fitness and wellness program is nutritional counseling. Since the gym is a core progression, the workout out classes and nutritional programs are offered in tandem. Once a week, I consult with the counselor about my diet and I get my BMI measured. I feel way more confident in my health now. I am grateful for the experts in these fields who are helping me have a better quality of life. The nutritional counselor has convinced me to cut out nearly all sugar, butter and a lot of carbs. I eat a ton of fruit, nuts and fresh vegetables now. I have lost a considerable amount of weight while increasing energy levels.