HRV goes a long way

Having allergies can be such a total bummer for modern humans.

Allergies really change how you are able to live your life every day. What with all the sneezing and watering eyes, it’s all I can do to try to hold it together. I can make a guy a bit unhinged. In our area, the annual pollen is almost a dangerous situation because stuff is blooming throughout much of the year. I generally love it here however that pollen is just so difficult to deal with. However, at this point moving is totally out of the question. This area is prone to heat, so at our home the HVAC cooling is on much of the year to keep the burning hot lake house comfortable. This can lead to high energy bills, especially when we’re talking about humid days in the summer. If left unchecked, the electric bill can get legitimately immense. In order to offset those utility costs, every one of us does our very best to be sure that the HVAC treated air doesn’t leak outside. Cool, indoor air leaking outside just drives up the cost and puts more and more demand on our HVAC. So, every one of us makes it a fact that the lake house is completely sealed up. At some point I even inquired about putting in a whole lake house media air cleaner however I was told the costs were a bit too much for our budget. However, the local HVAC guy said that every one of us could add an HRV vent to the HVAC plan that would be far less extravagant. This vent pulls in a perfectly equal amount of fresh air that the HVAC is bad from the house. The HRV has worked wonders and now every one of us can cool our large lake house while getting some fresh air as well.


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