How I became a successful business

I always wanted to own a successful business. It seemed like most people who had a boss, manager or store owner, hated what they did. I didn’t want to do this, even from a young age. Fortunately, I found a love for the Heating and A/C industry when I was introduced to it right out of school. Getting my NATE certification as well as license allowed me to get a job at a Heating and A/C company. However, I did that for the experience and proper hands on training. I knew that I would ultimately go and make my own company once I was older, wiser and had the money. That was about ten years ago. When I went out on my own, I did so with one white truck, a small start up and quality products. Lucky for me, that was a winning combination all those years back. I was able to start as well as grow my corporation without any real marketing strategies. Then, things changed. Suddenly, now it is crucial to have a website. I found other Heating and A/C dealers with websites were taking over the business. At first, I sort of dug in my heels as well as refused to even bring in a web designer. Lucky enough, I had a good friend in SEO who had a real serious chat with me. From then on, I have made sure that online marketing is a big part of my Heating and A/C business. I actually have a website and I use SEO to get people to the website. I saw the advantages of Google search and how beneficial that is to our Heating and A/C business.