Challenging a fitness trainer to a push up contest is a mistake

Amy is a new neighbor of mine. She was recently introduced to our group of friends. Anytime we have dinner, hang out together or organize a game night, Amy is now there. I don’t really like the woman. I’ve discovered that she is a one-upper. Anything I can do, she claims she can do better. Her most recent claim was a bit embarrassing for her. My friends and I started chatting about fitness and how we are all attempting to get in better shape. The conversation then turned to how many pushups we could all do. Of course Amy claimed to be able to do the most push ups of anyone. There was a problem with that. I make my living as a certified fitness expert. I am employed at a core progression fitness center and I provide one on one personal training and group fitness classes six days a week. I also workout on our own every single day. I am doing something physical nearly all day long. I am not the right person to challenge to a push up contest. But that is exactly what Amy did. In front of everyone, she kept saying how she is so much more fit than I am. I finally couldn’t resist anymore and agreed to the competition. It was rather pathetic how out of shape this woman was. She cheated on the form of the pushups and still could not beat me. I perform traditional push ups, triangle push ups, wide grip or just hold a plank for long periods of time. During my workouts I stress a lot of upper body training and weight training. I could have done pushups until the end of time. Amy now knows better than to challenge me to anything related.



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