Brother’s girlfriend is ruining our group fitness class

My older brother is getting married this upcoming summer and I have been trying to get closer with his fiancee. Lori and I just don’t have much in common. I think the two of us are very different types of women and we’re both trying to find something we can do and enjoy together. I had the idea to sign up for a group fitness class at the core progression nearby. I signed Lori and I up and the two of us have been going to class for several weeks now. We go several evenings per week and workout with a personal trainer. There is the main session of class that has everyone working together as a group. Then there is partner workout times as well as individualized workouts that are dedicated towards personal fitness goals. The personal trainer is just wonderful, and she is really enthusiastic, fun and effective at encouraging us to work harder. Every week I look forward to attending class. It is always the highlight of the day for me. I work on the stretches and exercises outside of class so I can improve. In class I give it 100% all the time. Lori hates the class with a passion. It is difficult just getting her to go with me. She doesn’t give much effort to the exercises and sometimes quits halfway into class. She cosiders the fitness expert frustrating and pushy. She complains enough that I don’t like to be near her during class anymore. She is a bad influence on the class and I want to tell her not to come. That is not going to help us bone. Maybe she should choose the next activity we try together.

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