I need an HVAC unit in my current office

I need an HVAC unit for my current office.

Honestly, I was actually excited to get a current office.

I have been sharing a public workspace for a long time, but I finally got a promotion, but according to my boss, the promotion would come with a current office just for me. However, my boss didn’t tell me that they didn’t currently have any furnished offices available, so they were entirely building my office, as well as they are letting me opening out a lot of the stuff, however the office is in the basement, but by the time that they are done remodeling, nobody will think that… One of the things that my office needs is an HVAC unit. The office is in the basement, so they never bothered to attach the HVAC units. This means that my office is almost always chilly. During the summer, it is usually pretty nice, but during the winter, my office will get chilly without a oil furnace. However, there are even a few afternoons when the office gets warm, as well as I would need an a/c. However, they won’t install a current HVAC unit downstairs for the whole floor, as well as I don’t want a window a/c as well as space heater. That is when I discovered the ductless mini-split a/c. This will work as an a/c as well as a space heater, as well as it is actually straight-forward to install. The business has already approved the purchase, as well as I am beyond happy. I can’t wait to try out my current HVAC unit, as well as I can’t wait to transport into my current office.

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