Why can’t I help daddy?

When our daughter was only three, all she wanted to do was work with her daddy.

She was forever trying to figure out a way to work with him. I caught her trying to hide in his suitcase so she could go on one of his business trips. I have to admit that he always tried to let her help. He bought a small lawn mower for her so she could help cut grass. He bought her a rake and shovel to work in the garden. He even gave her her own seed packets and a small plot of ground that she could care for. I watched her wipe her brow with her sleeve, just like he did. She would come in and tell me that farming was hard as she pushed up her sleeves and washed her hands in the side-by-side sink. We don’t just own a farm, but my husband is the local HVAC technician. We live out in the boonies and he is the only person who is able to work on the farmer’s heating and air conditioning. Many of us have barns that have HVAC. Our barn has its own ductless HVAC system. We thought it would be safer for our livestock. One day, he got a call from one of our closest neighbors. They were having some problems with the heating system in their birthing barn. He was all packed up and ready to go when my daughter grabbed her coat. He told her she wasn’t able to go with him on this work trip. She cried until he remembered that her best friend from preschool lived there. She couldn’t help with the furnace, but she got to go with her daddy.


a/c rep