Worth getting a bigger printer

I do a lot of my own printing.

As someone who runs a daycare play area, I never expected to have so many things that I would have to print. Printing is quite tedious as it is, but printing when you have a bunch of little boys and girls running around? Good luck with that! Low toner becomes low on your list of things to do when you’re trying to stop someone from eating play-dough! Anyway, because of that and numerous other reasons, I decided to update my printer. I sprung for a big time printer that would be heartier and able to handle the load that I frequently sent to it. I was a little worried about updating to a commercial printer because I don’t print large amounts of paperwork or anything like that. I do print a few papers plus a boatload of worksheets for the kids and things for parents to sign every time a new child enrolls. The way I was printing before used to take so long to get everything printed. Now, hopefully, with a new printer, I will be able to print paperwork for all of the children’s families and all the worksheets in a matter of minutes rather than hours. It’s a good sign that I have so many daycare children, my company is booming and I have the money to spend. In order to maintain, I needed to invest in the big time printer to make sure that I am meeting the demands of parents. After all, they are paying customers.


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