Specific tagless t-shirts

I help run a community little league swim team.

The kids love it and it has been a very rewarding process for the volunteers as well.

We’re looking to do something special for their last meet this week. We are legitimately hoping to have tagless t-shirts printed for the kids to wear. Before and after the meet they can match shirts. We want to take a picture and put it in the community paper. The issue is that I can’t seem to find a printing business that does tagless t-shirt printing. Is there anyone that does tagless t-shirt printing in my area? We are hoping to print posters for the boys and girls as well. It is not difficult to find a printing service that prints posters, but we are legitimately dead set on the tagless t-shirts with it too. I think we could go online to find a printing solution for printing tagless t-shirts, but we would much rather go to a local for printing. Not only is time a big factor, but making the shirts unique to each kid. We had the kids design their own sayings on the shirt that is something they said during the year. They got their name on it and their favorite number. We also have age and school logos on the shirts too. So it would be very hard to do this online. We are hoping for front and back print as well. I’m just not finding the printing solutions we are looking for here locally. We would be willing to drive a while out of the way if that meant we could get the job done.


Tag-less t-shirt digital printers