I need to clean the HVAC vents in our house

I need to clean the HVAC vents in our house.

They have been haunting me for weeks now.

I don’t clean the HVAC vents as often as I should, that is for sure. I really should clean them at least once a month, but I just can’t seem to remember to clean them. I even tried putting them on my cleaning list, but when I run short on time, they are the first thing to go. We have had guests over for the past two evenings, and I have been meaning to clean our HVAC vents. I wanted to clean the HVAC vents before we started having people over two nights ago, but I forgot. I was sitting in the living room this morning reading, and I happened to look up at the HVAC vent right above my head. It was filthy. I immediately put my book down and went to go clean them. Just when I got my duster out, I heard one of my children calling “mommy,” so I put the duster down and went to see what he needed. He needed help making his bed, so I helped him, and we actually ended up cleaning his entire room. By the time we were done, I forgot all about the HVAC vents and started making lunch. It is now seven o’clock, and I am too tired to clean all of the HVAC vents today. I guess I will have to do it tomorrow. Hopefully, I will actually find time to clean them tomorrow. I am so sick of procrastination on cleaning those silly HVAC vents.


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