I decided to start up my own HVAC company

He was more than happy to teach me and absolutely helped me get to where I am today

I have always known from the very beginning that I was meant to run my own business. I never did care for the thought of working for somebody else when if I did it right I could easily be my own boss. It was a major dream I had for a long time, however at some point I came to realize that if I wanted it bad enough after that I would need to quit the dreaming and make it happen. So that’s what I focused on doing. I wanted to start my own heating and cooling equipment supplier to compete with the modern Heating and A/C equipment companies in our town. All the Heating and A/C suppliers in our city charged very costly prices for the most basic of heating and cooling equipment services, such as furnace and a/c service and upgrade. I heard the story of a lady that lived nearby that spent thousands of dollars on Heating and A/C equipment updates, between having an air purification system placed in her home, and a simple ductwork cleaning. I had saved up a tremendous amount of money and used that money to invest in my modern business. I honestly couldn’t do it by myself, I didn’t really know everything about furnaces and air conditioning equipment. So I got the help of a good pal of mine who used to do work for a massive heating and cooling equipment corporation. He was more than happy to teach me and absolutely helped me get to where I am today. I was extremely fortunate and our modern supplier is providing parts, repairs, and upgrades for all furnaces and cooling equipment. All of this absolutely took off. It was the best decision of my life, and I managed to help our community at the same time.

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