I can't wait to see my mom and dad

My wifey and I have been looking forward to a visit from my parents; My wifey and I have been together for a year and a half, but she has never met my parents, and they live almost a thoUSAnd miles away and it can be difficult to visit them frequently, however when my Mom and Dad decided to come visit, my wifey and I wanted the guest room to be perfect.

The two of us bought brand modern sheets for the bed and a modern comforter with lilies, roses, and daffodils.

The two of us bought modern pillows for the bed as well. The two of us knew climate control might be a problem, because it’s honestly hot near the back of the apartment. My wifey had a really fantastic idea, then she recommended that the people I was with and I go to the hardware store and buy a small cooling system to keep in the spare living room; It can be honestly hot and humid here in the South, and I didn’t want my parents to suffer. I thought buying a small cooling system seemed like a fantastic system and I was totally supportive. My wifey and I found a portable cooling system on the clearance rack. It was one of the models from last year, however it was still brand modern in the box. My wifey and I paid about $150 for the portable cooling system. The best section is the fact that it does not have a separate vent for the unit. Some portable cooling systems require a window for the exhaust vent. This portable cooling system was an all-in-one unit that didn’t need any extra equipment.


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