Frugal husband turned the heat off.

This time of year can be honestly confusing when it comes to heating your home.

Springtime offers many advantages plus possibilities to get out to get fresh air, work in the yard on warm days, plus even open up your windows for the first time since winter.

That was the case this past weekend when temperatures reached the high seventies. I was so happy to open up the windows and just air out the home after the long cold winter. My fiance, being the frugal man that he always is, decided that he should turn off all forms of heat in the house. I would have thought that he would simply adjust the temperature control unit, but no, he shut the boiler right down. I am not sure why he did this because our weather is honestly unpredictable plus we could have snow next week for all we know. In the Northeast the general rule is that you are not safe until after Memorial Day weekend, anyway. Today the rapidly changing temperatures were only in the low fifties and I never even really gave the heat a thought. I assumed that my fiance would have turned the plan back up but when I arrived home after work my home was down to sixty two degrees. I was chilly! I tried turning the heat up but it didn’t turn on at all. When my fiance got home I told him that I thought the boiler had broken because the heat would not come on. He looked guilty and then headed down to the basement to relight the pilot light and within a few hours our home was back to a normal seventy degrees. He apologized for jumping the gun on shutting the heat off plus for not telling me that he had.


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