Eating out is not always best

Many people actually believe that eating out is a treat and better than cooking at home.

While this can be true sometimes, most of the time it actually isn’t! Unless you are going to some really expensive place, you are actually better cooking your own food at home. A few reasons for this in my experience first off is the temperature control. Yes, you heard me right, the temperature control! While eating out you have no control over the central heating and air conditioning system! And I do not know about you, but I like to have my heating and air conditioning at a certain temperature that not everyone would always agree with. So places of business like a steak house for instance, will set the thermostat of their central heating and air conditioning system at a temperature that is pretty flat. You could go into any restaurant and end up being way too hot or way too cold, depending on the time of the year extreme weather may be happening. Who wants to pay to not have great indoor comfort while enjoying a meal? I know I sure as heck wouldn’t want to pay for a place to eat without the most perfect indoor comfort! This is why I end up cooking at home most of the time. It is much better and I can control my very own central heating and air conditioning system. No one is messing with the thermostat or setting it on flat temperatures. The temperature control in the room is just how I like it!

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