A HEPA filter would give us one less thing to worry about.

Most people have heard the expression, “Dog days of Summer”, and this refers to those scorching lazy afternoons when even the pet doesn’t have the motivation to get off the porch and the air is heavy with humidity as well.

Well, with changing climate conditions it is becoming more common in the South to experience the “Dog Days” of Springtime as well.

Temperatures where my sibling lives can reach well into the upper eighties as early as mid May, so he depends more and more on his a/c to keep his house cool and dry. He is fond of saying that there are only two seasons where he lives, summer and winter. They actually only experience colder temperatures for a short time, but then they are right back to hot, sunny days! For this reason he makes sure to have the best air conditioning he can at his home. It seems like about every year he is upgrading or replacing some part of the system to improve its performance or energy saving capabilities, however I can’t say as I blame him because we do the same with our gas furnace up here in the North. At any rate, he told me this year that he added a new air filter to the system that is supposed to catch the smallest particles in the air from the house and it sounds great. It utilizes a HEPA filter that can be cleaned instead of replaced all the time plus that will save him money too. I told my hubby about it so he is going to look into one for our system too. If we no longer have to keep a box of filters in the basement plus worry about ordering them from our heating and A/C supplier that would be great. One less thing to worry about would be great.



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