I’m strange from our family

A lot of families have their differences… My family especially. Most of our family are lawyers for a living, however not me. I am a certified heating and a/c specialist. I ended up getting into heating and a/c when I was in our late teens. My family was kind of looking down on me that I did not want to become a lawyer like the rest of the family. However, our interests were in the repair and upgrades of heating and a/c systems! I do not know what exactly put me in that direction. But it was our calling in life. This week I really own a single of the biggest heating and cooling companies in our city. My family still kind of look down on me for it and I do not get why they do. I have been successful, however the fact that I did not follow in the footsteps of all the people else is what bothers them I think… Regardless, I am proud of myself and what I accomplished in the heating and a/c business. It was not an simple thing. I had to work really difficult to get to where I am at this week. It was like a single large climb to the top you could say. When I first got out of heating and a/c college I then ended up working for a heating and cooling company in town as a single of their heating and a/c specialists. And I was also studying the ins and outs of the supplier side of things, but follow your dreams and never let anyone talk you down!

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