Energy saving tips while you’re stuck at home

Now that everyone is stuck at home for a while, it might be a little more difficult to follow your heating and cooling plan that you’ve set up.

In order to save money, a lot of folks- wisely- have their thermostats set to a temperature closer to that of outdoors.

This means that your furnace and/or air conditioner aren’t working overtime to keep the house at an ideal temperature while no one is there. Well, now people are there all day! I have a few ideas for you. Number one, I know it is spring, but it’s still a little chilly in a lot of parts of the country. I recommend getting a portable space heater. Portable space heaters are a small expense that can go a long way while you’re sitting at your dining room table trying to do your job. Another way to save on your heating and cooling bill is to set the temperature to just 2 degrees above or below the temperature outside (so long as the temperature outside is about 65- 75). This will keep your home warmer or cooler, but not so much that your air conditioner and/or furnace are running constantly. Finally, I recommend that you make sure to regularly change out your air filters and furnace filters. Changing out your air filters and furnace filters regularly is always important but make sure to be especially vigilant during your time at home. Air filters and furnace filters stop bacteria, viruses, skin flakes, dust mites and other particles out of your ductwork system. Keeping your ductwork system cleaned does not only save you money on your monthly heating and cooling bill, it also saves you money down the road. Changing out your air filters and furnace filters keeps your HVAC system running well longer.


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