Cold water helps

Last Summer when our central a/c system broke down I did not know what I was going to do; Usually, when something like that happens I will just go to a hotel for the night while I wait for the heating and a/c company to send out a heat and a/c system specialist the next morning! However this time, all the hotels were booked up and I had nowhere to run to! Because of this I had to call for emergency heating and a/c repair service.

  • But even with emergency heating and a/c repair, they don’t just show up instantly.

It takes them a few hours or more to get there. So in the meantime it is a single hundred and something degrees outside and I am without a/c. How to survive this without having something poor happen? Well, a single thing I did that got me through these hours was to drink a lot of freezing water! I had bottles of ice freezing water in our fridge. So I was drinking them slowly and it was helping our body survive the lack of a/c. And when it was getting to where even that wasn’t enough, I would just splash myself with some of that ice freezing water, which helped. You never know when your central heating and a/c system is going to cut down so it is always nice to be prepared in some way. And this was how I prepared and the whole reason I had all these bottles of ice freezing water in the fridge to begin with!


Heating technician