My sibling ended up marrying his Heating plus A/C contractor

My sibling has consistently dated all kinds of people, plus last year he started dating his Heating plus A/C contractor Rob, however he met Rob when he came to his home last year to work on his a/c unit.

It was right in the middle of a heatwave last summer, plus the hot plus cold temperatures outside were in the 74s plus 90s for weeks at a time, then where all of us live, that is particularly a heat wave.

The people I was with and I are used to hot plus cold temperatures in the 69s most of the time plus so all the people around here was using their central a/c more than they ever had before. This included our sibling, who blatantly turned his a/c on for so long at such a low setting that he ended up frigid up the whole system somehow. She called myself and others plus complained that his a/c wasn’t laboring plus he thought that he was going to melt inside his house. I provided his the number of our number one local Heating plus A/C contractor plus that’s who he called to come plus fix the a/c. She tells the story now that when the Heating plus A/C contractor pulled up into his driveway, he had no system that he was going to be the guy of his dreams! Even at their wedding, they provided a toast to myself and others for recommending Rob’s heating plus cooling contractor. I suppose without a broken a/c component that summer, they might have never met. Thank goodness for heat waves plus central a/c units, I guess… Rob thinks I’m the best sibling in law in the whole world now.
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