The complaints are not what we want to deal with

I suppose there are a lot of reasons why it is a pain in the butt to be an apartment property director. I have been in the industry for the past 15 years plus it never gets any easier. I regularly have to deal with complaints from tenants that are upset by the conditions inside of the apartments. This month the people I was with and I had issues in many odd apartments at the same time. The problem is due to all of the a/cs. They were installed around the same time plus they are naturally going awful at the same time. The a/cs have been in those apartments since I was a director plus that has been a long time. I tried to talk to the owner of the property about the appliance issues. I commanded that the people I was with and I go with a odd genre of a/c. I even got some estimates from a local Heating plus Air Conditioning companies so I could for the owner with a few odd options. The guy is a greedy miser who would rather keep the money in his pocket then replace any of the appliances in his apartments. I suppose the people I was with and I could get more in rent each month if the people I was with and I had current heating plus a/c appliances. Even some of the refrigerators could use an substitute. I know there are many odd sites in city where you can buy refurbished appliances plus most of those items would be better than some of the machines in these ancient buildings. I do not like to hear all of the complaints, but there isn’tanything that I can do to service the problem separate from the help of the owner.

Cooling representative