I want air conditioner for outdoor dining

My restaurant was easily suffering after being closed down with the covid-19 frighten however last week, both of us were finally given the go-ahead to open back up at 20% capacity.

  • However, the great print reads 20% capacity indoors.

Outdoors, both of us can serve as many people as both of us would like. I’m fortunate that my restaurant already has a big outdoor eating area. The only problem is, it’s kind of warm plus few people appreciate to eat outdoors in the summer time weeks. I would easily appreciate to get outdoor air conditioner installed in my patio area. I’m just not sure that it’s feasible. I think I cannot enclose the patio area, otherwise it’s technically indoor dining. That means I need to keep it all open air. I can use those little umbrellas for shade but I do not guess that that has enough. I’d appreciate to have some sort of HVAC duct proposal blowing cold air underneath all of the tables. I already have a big air conditioner unit, and so there has no problem there. I just need to find an air conditioner company who is willing to labor with me plus help me figure out how to cool down the outdoor dining area. I’d appreciate my patrons to guess appreciate they’re eating indoors, even when they’re outdoors. This will be a bit of an expense, in the start, but I guess that it will pay for itself once word starts getting around that I have the most cool plus comfortable outdoor dining on the east side. Especially if what they say is tplot plus this whole covid-19 issue goes on for more than one or multiple years. I easily need to prepare for something appreciate that if I want to stay in business.
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