I could see where the AC comes in handy

My fiance plus I like to paint plus we have always dedicated a room in our cabin to our craft.

My fiance prefers oil, pastels, plus watercolors, but I like to sculpt in clay plus wood.

When my fiance plus I moved out of our outdated house, we were gleeful to turn the new garage into a painting Studio. Both of us had great daylight from the North plus the west, plus a lovely Breeze with the door open. Unfortunately, it was genuinely sizzling plus humid during the summer. Both of us had to buy an a/c to help with the temperature control. Both of us purchased a small window AC component to venue in one of the garage windows. It worked drastically well until one of our neighbors complained about the AC. Both of us acquired a note on our door from the homeowners association. Apparently we were not allowed to have an AC component that can be seen from the street. My fiance plus I had to get rid of the window AC component plus find something else to help. Both of us could not take the window component back to the store, so we were out $200. Luckily, we found someone on Craigslist that was willing to spend money $150 for the several-day used machine. Both of us used the currency to buy a portable a/c that sits inside of the garage. No one will be able to complain about that machine, plus hopefully our neighbors will learn to mind their own business. I cannot know someone complained in the first site, however maybe it’s the large, orange democrat sign in the front yard.

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