Energy saving tips while you’re stuck at home

Now that almost everyone is stuck at home for a while, it might be a little more tough to follow your heating & cooling method that you’ve set up.

In order to save money, a lot of folks- wisely- have their temperature controls set to a temperature closer to that of outdoors.

This means that your furnace and/or aren’t working overtime to keep the lake house at an ideal temperature while no a single is there. Well, now people are there all day! I have a few ideas for you. Number a single, I suppose it is Springtime, however it’s still a little cold in a lot of parts of the country. I request getting a portable space heater. Portable space gas oil furnaces are a small expense that can go a long way while you’re laying at your family room table trying to do your task. Another way to save on your heating & cooling bill is to set the temperature to just 2 degrees above or below the temperature outside (so long as the temperature outside is about 65- 68). This will keep your home warmer or cooler, however not so much that your and/or furnace are running always. Finally, I request that you make sure to properly change out your air filters & furnace filters. Changing out your air filters & furnace filters properly is always important however make sure to be especially vigilant while both of us were in your time at home. Air filters & furnace filters stop bacteria, viruses, skin flakes, dust mites & other particles out of your ductwork system. Keeping your ductwork plan cleaned does not only save you money on your yearly heating & cooling bill, it also saves you money down the road. Changing out your air filters & furnace filters keeps your Heating & Air Conditioning plan running well longer.

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