Ductwork cleaning and sealing

I don’t suppose how much you suppose about indoor air quality and air purification, but given the global pandemic outbreak, I would wager that you’ve l received a little more than you wanted to about a variety of unusual topics such as this.

If you’ve managed to miss tips and recommendations to improve indoor air quality, let myself and others provide you some perspective on how indoor air quality works.

Essentially, the key to indoor air quality lies in the ductwork. Because of this, it’s pressing to keep your air ducts cleaned. If you have an Heating and Air Conditioning repair method with your Heating and Air Conditioning provider, you can schedule the cleanings of your ductwork every 3 years. I highly propose reaching out to your Heating and Air Conditioning provider to see about ductwork cleanings and ductwork sealing. Ductwork sealing can improve your air flow; in fact, you can lose about 30% of airflow without ductwork sealing. You might not suppose this, but the ductwork is where most viruses, bacteria, skin flakes, etc. can be found in the house. Without correct cleaning, this can result in some actually dire health troubles for you and the members of your family. Your air filter is the entry point to your air ducts. With that in mind, make sure to keep your air filter changed typically to keep your ductwork cleaned. You can also keep your ductwork clean by increasing your MERV air filters to HEPA air filters. HEPA air filters are the a singles used by hospitals. This is just a actually quick overview about how ductworks work, so this isn’t everything there is to know. I hope it helps!


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