Air conditioner is too loud for sleeping

I told our partner that I would only go camping with him if he rented a trailer or a lake house with a/c.

I am sleepy of camping in tents with no climate control whatsoever.

I thought this would be the end of it & our partner would just go camping with the teenagers, separate from me, although I had no such luck. Instead, he went ahead & rented a travel trailer with a/c. So I had to go with him. I didn’t suppose it would be that awful because, after all, the two of us would have the a/c; But that first evening, the two of us discovered a problem. The a/c is super noisy. It’s impossible to sleep with the a/c running in the trailer. It sounds like I am trying to sleep next to a Mack truck engine. It does let off a lot of frigid air however it’s also incredibly loud, needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that first evening. I entirely wanted to throw in the towel & to go home however our partner insisted that he had a plan. He left the a/c running all afternoon long & then he turned it off at evening. This cooled down the trailer pretty well & it stayed relatively cool throughout the evening. I did end up sleeping pretty well that evening. All of us did this everyday throughout the rest of our camping trip. I have to say it wasn’t the worst camping trip I have ever had. It was nice to be able to cool down inside of the trailer from time to time throughout the afternoon. Next time though, I am going to make sure he rents a trailer with a more quiet a/c though.

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