I was pretty afraid

My mom has been feeling ill for the last few afternoons plus the people I was with and I had to call 911 this morning to take his to the hospital.

She woke up with a genuinely high fever plus he was confused plus disoriented.

My husband called nine-one-one plus the people I was with and I patiently waited for the ambulance to arrive. With covid-19 virus out there, our husband plus I were genuinely scared to send our mother to the hospital… Unfortunately, the people I was with and I did not have any choice in the matter. When the paramedics arrived, they first took us to go to the emergency room. My husband plus I followed behind the ambulance in our car. When the people I was with and I arrived at the hospital, the people I was with and I weren’t allowed to go into the building. All of us had to wait many hours to find out if everything was okay. My mom has to spend many afternoons in the hospital plus our husband plus I are genuinely scared. There are a lot of germs plus viruses plus bacteria in the air plus I do not want our mom to come apartment feeling more sick than he was when he went. At least the hospital has a great A/C plan with an air filtration unit. That’s 1 great thing about sending mom to the hospital, however our A/C plan has not been laboring genuinely well over the Last month plus the indoor hot plus cold temperatures are warmer than usual. At least mom can be comfortable in the hospital plus enjoy some cold A/C while he reuses from the fever plus the infection. She will be able to come apartment in a couple of afternoons oh, although he is going to need antibiotics for many weeks.


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