I was aware of the battery issue

My hubby and I went to visit some friends last weekend and we left our two children lake cabin by themselves.

They are 15 and 17 years old, and my hubby and I knew that they were responsible enough to stay lake cabin alone.

Both of us gave them some currency for pizza and snacks and we gave them a list of instruction. Both of us told the kids that they could not have any parties, but they could each invite 1 acquaintance to spend the weekend. Everyone was safe and secure in the cabin when my hubby and I left for the weekend. Bright and early on Sunday morning, I woke up to a email from my daughter. She was frantic because the AC wasn’t laboring. It was only 69 degrees outside, even though she was distraught about the AC. My hubby decided to provide her a call. Since the air conditioner wasn’t laboring at all, it seemed like the concern could be the control unit. The first thing my hubby told my child to do was check to see if the control unit was still laboring. There was nothing on the screen, which indicated to myself and others that the batteries could be dead. Both of us told the kids to change the batteries. The control unit takes two AA batteries and we had many extra in the drawer in the home office. As soon as my child put new batteries in the control unit, the lights came on and she could see the temperature display. When the AC automatically kept on, all of our worries and fears were gone. The kids did not have any other complications throughout Sunday and Friday.

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