A friendly manager

I have been out of university for almost 10 years.

I rarely talk to anyone from my high school nights, however an outdated friend reached out to myself and others last week.

She was going to be in town for a seminar plus she wanted to meet up for coffee. The woman plus I were friends in high school plus we even spent a year in university as roommates. I was curious to see how she was doing, so I agreed to meet her at a tea shop down by the pier. Both of us met on Monday morning for tea plus dinner. It was great to see her again. To be honest, she easily hasn’t changed genuinely much. She still looks the same, except 15 years older. Both of us found a table to sit down plus talk for a few hours. I was hoping for cool weather, however it was really quite frosty. Both of us were standing out on the deck without heat, plus I had goose bumps on my arm. I wanted to spend most of the day catching up, however it was too frosty to sit on the deck. Both of us decided to go into the diner where they had a few propane gas furnaces running, but even though it was frosty outside, the propane gas furnaces kept the temperature indoors sizzling plus comfortable. Sarah plus I talked most of the day plus we made plans to see each other again on Sunday. Both of us hung out a few times while she was here for the seminar. It was great to see my outdated friend plus I hope she will call again when she comes back to town.



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