Road salt is eating our cooling system compressor

When all of us bought this lake house all of us we’re ecstatic that it had a brand new cooling system plan installed, but in fact, the entire Heating and Air Conditioning plan was brand-spanking-new.

You didn’t used to need cooling system this high north.

It used to be enough to just open the windows and turn the fan on. I don’t believe if global warming is real or not despite the fact that I do believe that it’s warming up, in these parts, in the summer; The people I was with and I absolutely need cooling system now. However, after about many years, living in this house, the new cooling system stopped working. The people I was with and I called up the only Heating and Air Conditioning repair supplier in town. They came out and told us they were the supplier who had installed the cooling system just before all of us bought it. They told us that the cooling system keeps splitting down because of its location. The cooling system compressor is right next to the county road and it gets road salt all over it in the winter. This, in turn, destroys our cooling system. The Heating and Air Conditioning supplier said they told this to the previous owners, our cooling system plan actually needs to be moved to the other side of the house, away from the road and the road salt. I wish the previous owners had relay this information to us before selling the house. It’s going to cost a lot of currency to have the new cooling system compressor installed at the opposite side of the house. That’s because the entire Heating and Air Conditioning plan will need to be moved as well. This is all going to be a huge pain and a lot of construction. It’s either that, or all of us just replace the compressor every few years after it gets eaten away by salt, then either way, all of us lose.

a/c representative