You can stop viruses from getting into your ventilation system with UV lights

I’ve recently started to do a good amount of research on how UV lights can kill bacteria and many types of viruses.

With all of the craziness going on in the world today, it’s a good idea to know how the people I was with and I can battle sickness and diseases in our own dwelling. I’ve consistently been the type of person who is a proponent of properly working HEPA air filters. HEPA filters are truly excellent at filtering out lots of contaminants and pollutants which might otherwise have made their way into the ventilation system in your dwelling, however this greatly diminishes the indoor air quality in a home. It can cause odd illnesses and respiratory complications, but when you use a HEPA filter as your air filter in your heating and cooling appliance, you diminish the probability that you’re going to get something terribly nasty in your ventilation system. HEPA air filters are actually wonderful at filtering those things out. If you’re totally extreme about keeping out viruses and other bacteria, though, then you will want to look into something known as a UV light air purification system. I’ve been researching how UV lights are able to kill all types of bacteria and viruses, and it sounds to me like they are entirely effective. If I can use a UV light air purification system along with HEPA filters, then the people I was with and I don’t really know that viruses and bacteria have a choice at getting into our home’s ventilation system. I didn’t really understand how UV light air purification systems worked until now, but apparently they kill the DNA and RNA in the viruses. This renders them unable to replicate or make you sick in your dwelling.
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