It’s time for my children to learn to be responsible about the energy bills

Our Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment bills in our property have been so high lately that I have had to buckle down plus take some extreme measures with our youngsters.

They are basically always leaving the doors open or the windows open plus letting the heating or the air conditioner equipment out.

I keep telling them that the group of us don’t have the money to heat plus cool the entire outside, but they just never seem to understand. It’s been driving me entirely crazy that I have to pay a great deal of money for our heating plus cooling equipment bills. It honestly seems like the rest of the family really couldn’t care less. I guess that’s because I’m always paying the money to cover all of the bills. Some of our youngsters are honestly old enough to get working positions now plus I’ve basically decided that I’m going to have them cover a percentage of the heating plus cooling bills. I guess that if they have to start putting in some of their own hard-earned money for heating plus cooling, it’s going to be a totally different story! When you hit them where it entirely hurts, it makes a pretty huge difference. I mean, I can fuss plus yell about it until I am blue in the face, but it’s not going to make any of the men help me save money on the furnace plus air conditioner equipment bills. But I guarantee that when I make them all pay a percent of the regular heating plus cooling equipment costs for our house, then I will see a pretty serious change in no time. I guess that none of our youngsters will want to spend their own money on heating, ventilation, plus A/C equipment bills.


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