I helped my folks with their quarantine AC problem

When they first announced the shelter in place order for our state, I decided right then and there to go stay with my parents.

I don’t have a wife and kids, just live with my roomie Steve, and I decided it would be better for me to be cooped up with them, just in case.

They are lively and vibrant people for their ages, but still getting on in years. I knew if this lockdown dragged on for weeks, they would need a lot of help, so I invited myself to stay with them. I was able to go shopping for them, handle some light chores, and I even managed to fix their errant air conditioner! That was a new one for me, since I had almost zero experience with HVAC systems, aside from troubleshooting the one in my apartment. We were about four weeks into the lockdown when we woke up in the morning to find the AC working overtime, and no air coming out the vents. I ran my hand in front of every air vent in the house, and they were all dead silent and still. At the same time, the central HVAC system in the hall closet was still running at a very high rate. My folks didn’t know what to do, but I kept them calm and started to do a Google search for this particular A/C problem. I managed to find a local hotline phone number offering free advice about HVAC problems, and the nice technician on the phone helped me through the troubleshooting process.
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