I decided to close my physical HVAC shop in favor of my van

I have heard stores referred to as being “brick and mortar” stores, and at first I was confused; that provided the implication that a website that mailed out items was the same thing as owning a real storefront.

I still don’t agree with the terminology, as I suppose a store is a store; and a website, no matter how nice it is, is always nothing however a website. I myself just had to terminate the lease on our store, because I had come to realize that the overhead costs were just too high. I was not in the mindset of becoming a major heating and air conditioning dealership, I just tested, fixed them and installed them. If I sold cooling systems I would need a store to display them, plus a warehouse to store all the inventory. And when I realized that, I realized that as long as I had our van, our tools, and our extensive proficiency of heating and air conditioning systems, that was all the “store” I needed. I have tested heating and cooling systems since our first summer time task at age 15; Back then I just swept up the shop owned by our friend’s uncle, however over the years he taught myself and others the basics of heating and air conditioning repair. Maybe I thought I needed a store because of that heating and air conditioning shop where I paid my dues, and all the good memories I have of it. However going forward, Brandon County cooling system and heating repair will be a mobile shop, with just two employees, and this will no doubt help our bottom line tremendously.


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