Plumber recommends HVAC repair; is HVAC tech, too

Sometimes you have to be careful about whose opinion you ask for. Recently, I unknowingly invested in some home repairs that probably put someone else’s kids through college, if not paying for their books. I made these decisions based entirely off of supposed professional opinion… Although it turned out to be unfortunately incestuous. You see, since I moved into this house I had been having issues with one of the toilets. The toilet never wanted to make a complete flush, and I was tired of cleaning it every two days due to the filth. I finally gave in and called out a professional plumbing service, and I was hoping that they could help with a quick repair. When the plumber was working on my toilet, he happened to mention that my indoor air temperature seems a little bit warm in the bathroom. I confirmed that, indeed, there wasn’t very good ventilation or circulation in that bathroom. There was an overhead ventilation fan installed, but I didn’t think that it provided much relief. Beyond that, it seemed like the central heating and cooling system could barely reach this particular air vent. The room was consistently a bit warm and humid, so I was fighting mildew all the time. After I spewed all of this out to my plumber, without thinking anything of it, he handed me the business card for a highly reputable HVAC company in town. A few days later I called the HVAC dealership and made a professional service appointment, letting them know that I probably needed to fully replace my cooling system. I was beyond surprised on the day of my HVAC appointment, when I answered the door and my plumber was standing there. His second job is working as a certified HVAC technician.


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