Glad I made the decision to move on to a better job

I never had such a huge problem with my job until there was an issue with the climate control system.

When people started complaining to the boss about the temperature control settings, he said that he would handle the problem.

The thing is, he never did anything and the climate control system was becoming worse. We got to the point where we were actually sweating in the office from a complete lack of air conditioning. Of course, this didn’t affect the boss too much because he had a seperate A/C system working in his office. It was actually nice and comfy in his office and he was spending way more time there seperate from everybody else. I made my final complaint about the climate control system and said he promised everybody for over a month that he would do something, and that’s when I gave him my 2 weeks notice to leave the job. I ended up going to a bunch of interviews. I was disappointed with a few places because the temperature control settings weren’t so great at some of these other places either. I ended up just leaving those places because I wasn’t going to leave one awful place for another awful place. Eventually, I found this office building that was perfect and the A/C was cranked up. These were my kind of people! The interview was great, and before I knew it, I was working in an office doing similar work to what I was doing before. I’m glad I made the decision to move on.


a/c workman